Headhunting in the Argentine Republic is promising, as the country has a certain degree of social and societal stability but is currently plagued by hyperinflation, which is causing mainly younger and well-educated people to emigrate.

Until the 1950s, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world. Economically, agriculture, cattle breeding and the extraction of raw materials played a major role. Today, on the other hand, the service sector accounts for the largest share of the gross domestic product (GDP) at around 60 %. That being said, Argentina has a relatively well-developed industry compared to other regions. The most important sectors are the food industry and supplies for the automotive industry.

Real estate and business services, manufacturing industry and trade each contribute around 10 % of GDP. The contribution of pure agriculture and forestry to GDP is just under 5 %. According to the UN Human Development Index, Argentina has been one of the world's most highly developed countries since 2011.

In 2014, however, the Argentinean economy went into decline. The peso had to be devalued enormously and inflation rose to 50 % by 2019. For this reason, Argentina occupies only 92nd place out of 137 countries in the Global Competitiveness Index, which measures a country's competitiveness (status 2017–2018). Furthermore, in the Index of Economic Freedom, the country sits at one of the lowest ranks, in 156th place out of 180 countries (2017).

This is why many young Argentinians have recently been drawn to Europe, fleeing from hyperinflation, the threat of unemployment and rising living costs. Although there are no official statistics on how many Argentineans have emigrated to Europe in the intervening period, various research groups, consulting firms and other agencies unanimously speak of a noticeable increase.

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