Despite the global economic crisis, the gross domestic product of the emerging nation India is growing steadily and stable - a sign of international investors that India will continue to be an attractive market for division of labour and globalisation in the future.

The import of "Human Resources“ from the Indian IT and textile industry is already established for years. Contacts and exchanges can easily be established.

However, should you aim to assign leaders or professionals to a local company in India, contact and mediation may be more difficult. Establishing communication for industries and positions beyond established markets can quickly complicate your quest.

You will need a specialist to begin his quest where the "globalised communications network" is incomplete: in the national labour market of India.

Moreover, it is advantageous to know the different mentalities of the multi-religious multi-ethnic state in order to avoid potential misunderstandings.

To the European understanding, Indian work dynamics resemble chaos. Here, being familiar with the "seeming chaos" is essential in order to keep one’s focus on the goal.

Remel Executive Search, specialised in India, conducts the Executive Search for you on site in order to find potential candidates in a heterogeneous market.

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