Many South East Asian states fall within the so-called “Next Eleven” countries, since they are heading for an economic boom based on their sustainable growth potential. The Republic of Singapore for example is one of the most highly deregulated and privatised economies in the world. Singapore is also making efforts to become Asia’s biotechnology centre.

In contrast, Malaysia is considered by South East Asia experts to be one of the region’s most economically and politically stable countries, integrating traditional and modern aspects, e.g. Islam and capitalism in an exemplary manner.

Indonesia’s economy is based on the same market economy principles which are well understood from Germany, and is also the world’s largest palm oil producer. Thailand is also a market economy-oriented country, and is the largest natural rubber exporter in the world. And within the South East Asian region, the Philippines are seen as a good all-rounder, having earned a good reputation in the area of electronics and mechanical engineering, as well as in software development and English-speaking service provision. The Philippines is also the world’s second largest user of renewable energies.

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