Executive Search

In times of efficiency maximisation there is no time for random; this also applies to recruitment. Above all, in the quest for and casting of professional and managerial positions, the indefinite time factor becomes an "efficiency killer". Waiting for the right candidate often takes longer than desired.

Looking beyond the available labour markets and extending the search to competing companies, a Headhunter leaves nothing to chance. A suitable candidate is found through Executive Search within an average of 10-12 weeks.

Remel Executive Search is your headhunting specialist for the specific search in multiple locations including Western Europe, East Europe, Russia, India and the Near East.

The Process

  • 01

    Getting acquainted

    As a potential client you signal your interest in Executive Search. A preliminary talk will assess whether an Executive Search is the right method for your particular scenario.

  • 02

    Defining the goal

    Follow-up meetings will define the position to be filled. An extensive analysis helps to assess the potential candidates’ skills and qualifications.

  • 03

    Considering the corporate culture

    Through intensive discussion with the client, the corporate culture is also taken into account. In addition to the qualified suitability, the personality of the candidate should also fit in with the company.

  • 04

    Defining the guideline

    The Executive Search methodology is defined depending on the corporate values. An individually tailored guideline ensures your business a correct procedure in the Executive Search.

  • 05

    Analysing the industry

    The industry’s potential is assessed following an extensive industry analysis, and where appropriate, related branches are incorporated in the search for potential candidates. Here, potentials are explored prior to the scan.

  • 06

    Direct search

    Depending on the potential up to 100 candidates are contacted directly in the networks and our own applicant database by phone in accordance with the agreed guidelines.

  • 07

    Raising attention

    The potential candidates’ interest for the position is raised during the first contact. It is understood that the actual client’s identity is handled with discretion.

  • 08

    Arranging the interview

    After the initial direct contact, suitable candidates will be interviewed. At this stage, more detailed discussions will be conducted to assess not only the skills and qualifications but also the personality of a candidate.

  • 09

    Creating candidate’s profile

    On average, five detailed profiles of suitable candidates will be presented to you, as the client. As the client, you determine with whom to proceed for an official interview.

  • 10

    Arranging job interviews

    Remel Executive Search arranges job interviews in consultation with you. You will now appear as our client for the first time and get to know the selected candidates.

  • 11

    Taking personality test if needed

    Together with our partner PI-Company, we offer the Reflector Big Five personality test for the most suitable candidates. The test allows us to conduct individual and position-tailored potential analyses to avoid mismatches.

  • 12

    Getting references

    The final step in the selection process involves getting references from the final candidates if required. These are typically obtained through interviews with the referees over the phone, but occasionally may also be done in writing.

  • 13

    Supporting the contract negotiations

    It may be advisable to involve Remel Executive Search in the contract negotiations. As a neutral mediator, we enjoy the trust of both parties so that good contractual compromises can be found in a straightforward and diplomatic manner.

  • 14

    Winning the preferred candidate

    Remel Executive Search accompanies you until the desired candidate is secured and integrated into your company. When the employment contract is signed, the active direct search process is completed.

* Depending on the project, individual deviations in given process steps are possible.