Remel Executive Search founded by Roman Remel in 2013 operates on an international level with a wide network of partners from Europe to Southeast Asia. The main competence is the executive search in foreign markets. We support companies from the DACH countries in international recruitment and direct search in various industries. Thanks to our partners’ rich experience, we have access to a well-established network of executives.

Roman Remel

(Managing Director)

Roman Remel holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources from the University of Strathclyde and has extensive experience studying and working in diverse cultural contexts across multiple countries. His professional journey has taken him through India, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Roman Remel has contributed his recruitment expertise to such companies as Siemens, British Telecom, and Santander.
Aside from his work as a Managing Director, Roman Remel spends his free time traveling and exploring cultures, regions, and people. He also enjoys broadening his intellectual horizons through philosophy podcasts or literature.

Swati Bhaskar

(Recruitment Consultant)

As a Master of Science (Human Resource Management), Swati Bhaskar has worked for such companies as British Telecom, Morningstar and London Olympics and has been working as a Recruitment Consultant for Remel Executive Search since 2014. Swati Bhaskar supports executive search assignments in the UK, India and Southeast Asia.

Olena Honchar

(Recruitment Consultant)

Olena Honchar holds a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature from Dnipro National University (Ukraine) and has 10 years of experience in conducting international projects in France, Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia aimed at the professional development of personnel in the fields of education and culture. Olena joined Remel Executive Search in 2020 as a Recruitment Consultant, taking responsibility for managing international search assignments across the European region.

Mila Nazirogullary

(Research Associate)

As a business economist specialising in human resources management, Mila Nazirogullary has been working as a Research Associate since 2016. Her expertise, commitment, and cultural understanding of the Eastern European region enable Mila to successfully manage international projects in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania.

Kimberly Tensen

(Research Associate)

Kimberly Tensen spent most of her life in the Netherlands. As a qualified hotel expert focusing on HR, she joined Remel Executive Search in 2018 as a Research Associate.

Irina Harder

(Recruitment Consultant)

Irina Harder, a graduate in Economics (University of Sheffield), has 15 years’ experience in the field of international recruitment and a rich knowledge of different cultures to draw on. She has a good command of German, English, Russian and Spanish.