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In times of efficiency maximisation there is no time for random; this also applies to recruitment. Above all, in the quest for and casting of professional and managerial positions, the indefinite time factor becomes an "efficiency killer".

We can protect your company from this: As a headhunter, we make your recruiting plannable and, as a result, efficient. Profit of our widely branched network and our know-how, particularly in the scope of special searches in Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, India and the Middle East.

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Remel Executive Search: specialised in culture

National and international recruitment consulting on the highest level.

Western Europe

Companies looking to expand within Western Europe or the European Union often suffer from a lack of qualified and experienced specialists and managers. Remel Executive Search knows the personnel markets in the target countries as we are represented locally by partners of our own.

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East Europe

New structures and cultural diversity – a trustworthy and confident interaction with Eastern-European cultures is the first step towards a successful executive search.

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Central Asia

When looking for leaders in Central Asia, cultural and religious differences from Europe and the know-how of a headhunter are of paramount importance.

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Middle East

The Middle East is one of the most complex regions around the world. This is where the differences of culture, religion and politics clash, becoming incalculable for people from the West.

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The dynamics of Indian mentality and working style are the same for Central European understanding of chaos - here it is important to know the less obvious processes.

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The economic axes of the global economy have shifted significantly, so that Joint Ventures with the People’s Republic of China can also result in new markets and opportunities for European companies. We search locally, including in the regions around Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, as well as in the Hongkong special administrative region.

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Southeast Asia

Many South East Asian countries are heading for significant economic growth. South East Asian countries have long since become important trading partners for major economies such as China, USA or Japan, so that global markets would now be unimaginable without countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand.

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The Remel Standards

  • Guarantee

    In case of a bilateral termination of employment contract within six months, Remel Executive Search guarantees to conduct an alternative scan.

  • Indefeasibility INDEFEASIBILITY

    The guideline states the framework of the Executive Search.

  • Transparency

    The client is always kept up to date.

  • Discretion

    The anonymity of both the client and the candidate minimises "objectionable information flows".

  • Loyality

    Remel Executive Search maintains the integrity towards former clients - The enticement of potential candidates within your organisation remains a taboo.



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