With 1.4 billion inhabitants is the socialist People’s Republic of China the most populous country on earth, and with around 14k billion US dollars of gross domestic product, it is the second largest economy in the world.

This relatively young republic (founded in 1949) changed rapidly, particularly following the death of Mao Zedong, when the country embarked on a journey of economic reform and openness in the 1980s. These reforms also allowed Chinese companies to do business in the private sector, in order to be able to sell the goods they produce freely in the global marketplace.

The result in the 21st century: China is shedding its reputation as the “extended workbench” of the West, and is becoming a global market leader, particularly with its high-tech potential. For example, China is promoting research into Artificial Intelligence, which is already rivalling that created in the USA.

For this reason, when looking to expand into the country or searching for candidates in the ‘Middle Kingdom’, it is essential not to approach the political and societal system with contempt, since the country and its people owe their incomparable growth to this system.

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  • Hong Kong

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