Headhunting in Malaysia’s parliamentary elective monarchy requires special consideration of the country’s political features. Malaysia has no permanent monarch, as a king is selected every 5 years from the ranks of the “Sultanates” in accordance with the principle of rotation. Like the British Royal House, the king cooperates with a democratically elected parliament, consisting of an upper chamber and a lower chamber. This political system makes Malaysia one of the economically and politically most stable countries in South East Asia.

Although Malaysia is strongly influenced by Islam, the state places great value on its exemplary function in combining the traditional with the modern, or Islam and capitalism - even though the country only attained 43rd place out of 167 countries in the Democracy Index in 2019 and is therefore designated as an “incomplete democracy”.

Malaysia is very much an export-oriented country and, as a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), commits itself to the removal of trade barriers. The fact that the volume of its foreign trade is 1.2 times its gross domestic product means the country’s economy is relatively strongly dependent on demand from abroad.

The most important export goods are electronic products, with 36.6%. Since the 1990s they have been replacing traditional branches of the economy such as agricultural products, crude oil, liquid natural gas (LNG) and rubber products. Thanks to this focus on technology, Malaysia has undergone a fundamental change and the country has become a capital-intensive industrial location with high development potential. The EU member states’ total share of Malaysia’s foreign trade has in recent years, however, only been around 10.1 per cent.

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