Headhunting in the Republic of the Philippines has great potential, as the country is considered to be one of the emerging "Next Eleven". However, there is a strong economic contrast between a small, rich upper class and the broad majority of the population and there is a clear North-South divide in income.

While in the North there is an export-oriented industry, agriculture is largely predominant in the South. China, the United States and Japan are the most important trading partners, especially in the textile and electronics industries and in rice cultivation. The economic output of the Philippines has grown constantly by 6 to 7 % annually in recent years, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Other service industries include software development and accounting, as the Philippines often has very well educated university graduates.

However, the tourism sector is also a rapidly growing market. In 2016, the country was visited by about six million tourists and compared to 2010, the number of tourists has almost doubled.

The energy sector, which is increasingly utilising renewable energy sources, is currently particularly exciting. In the last decades, large hydroelectric power stations have been built. The Philippines is also the world's second-largest user of geothermal power stations.

Yet the Philippines is a country of emigration. In 2017, the number of emigrants amounted to 5.7 million. The most frequent destination countries were the USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Japan. However, with only 0.2 % of the population, the proportion of foreigners in their own country is among the lowest in the world.

That said, the population is not made up of a homogeneous ethnic group, as the term Filipino does not refer to an ethnic group but only to a general nationality. However, the majority of the population (95 %) is made up of ethnic groups from the Austronesian region – namely, ethnic groups that can be assigned to the entire Pacific island region. What also unites about 80% of all Filipinos is the fact that they are the largest Catholic community in Asia. The Filipinos are therefore Christians who have been shaped by Spanish colonial rule.

Besides the official language, Filipino, a lot of English and also Spanish is spoken on the fifth largest island state of the world. Especially the widespread knowledge of English has strengthened the service sector of the country. Especially call centres, which work for the American market, are numerous throughout the Philippines.

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