Headhunting in the Buddhist-influenced Kingdom of Thailand requires some measure of “connections” as the country has an above-average high rate of nepotism. According to “Transparency International”, Thailand occupied 99th place in 2017, falling behind countries such as Albania, Morocco and Turkey. The monarchy is regarded as the most important stability factor in Thailand, however, as the democratic parliament is often accused of corruption and abuse of power.

Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy since 1932 - the king and supreme patron of Thai Buddhism has no direct influence on politics and carries out mainly representative duties. Although Buddhism is the country’s dominant religion, it is not an official state religion. In contrast to many neighbouring countries, Thailand is relatively homogeneous in ethnic terms - 75% of its 69 million inhabitants are ethnically Thai.

Thailand’s economy is based on a market economy and has developed at a rapid pace thanks to the country’s export-oriented industrialisation. Thai industry accounts for around 45% of the total economic output - the most important branch of industry is the production of motor vehicles and automotive parts. Thailand is one of the ten most important manufacturers of vehicles in the world and is dominated above all by Japanese car manufacturers. Thailand’s aim is to become the centre of the Asian automobile industry.

Other important branches of industry include the textile industry, the processing of agricultural products and the manufacture of electric and electronic devices. Along with China and the USA, Thailand is one of the most important exporters of computer parts in the world - in the field of data storage devices in particular, it accounts for 22% of the global market. Thailand is also the largest exporter of rubber in the world.

All of this makes Thailand an interesting emerging country, which has been able to reduce the poverty of its population in recent decades. Thailand profits above all from increasing integration in global trade, a growth in tourism and the consumption habits of a burgeoning middle class.

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