Headhunting in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has also become interesting for European businesses since its classification as an emerging economy in 2011. Because Vietnam is currently undergoing a transformation from a planned to a market economy - this transformation has triggered a rapid growth of the economy in a very short space of time.

Vietnam’s past bears witness to a special “strength of character” in its society, since following the Second World War both the former French colonial rulers and the geostrategic US-Americans failed in their attempts to fully integrate the divided country “along western lines”. Instead, both Vietnamese states were reunited under communist rule in 1976. The present constitution, which has been modified on several occasions over the decades, formally subjects the communist Unity Party to the law and focuses on the development of the economy, education, science and technology. In addition, even the private sector is explicitly protected, in order to increase attractiveness to foreign investors.

Vietnam’s economy was, until a few years ago, chiefly agricultural - even today agriculture still accounts for 15% of the gross domestic product. The cultivation of coffee in particular has developed rapidly over the last 25 years, making Vietnam the second largest coffee producer in the world today, after Brazil. Vietnam is also the second-largest producer of grapefruits, the fifth-largest producer of rice and the fourth-largest fish producer world-wide.

In 2017 industry accounted for 32% of the gross domestic product and is increasingly a main pillar of the Vietnamese economy. Amongst the most important branches of the economy are the production of textiles and shoes and the manufacture of cement and steel. As a result, the Vietnamese national economy has achieved a degree of openness that is comparable to Thailand’s overseas trade. In the Global Competitiveness Index, which measures a country’s competitiveness, Vietnam outperforms India and Brazil, taking 55th place out of 137 countries (as of 2017-2018).

Vietnam has approx. 90 million inhabitants, and around 88% of the population are ethnic Vietnamese.

As is common in socialist states, the vast majority do not profess any faith - according to a study carried out in 2004, 81.5% of the Vietnamese are atheists.

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