Headhunting in the Republic of Indonesia is a huge challenge in many respects. This is because, divided into 6,044 inhabited islands, Indonesia is the largest island state in the world, and, with around 264 million inhabitants, is the fourth most populated country on earth. In addition, Indonesia is home to almost 360 different peoples, the majority (80%) of whom, however, are of the Muslim faith. The former Dutch colony is therefore the country that has the largest Muslim population in the world. Unlike in many other Muslim countries, however, Islam is not a state religion, on the contrary: since the constitution of 1945, Indonesia has been a liberal presidential republic, based on the American model.

In recent years Indonesia has been given special attention by the European Union - and in November 2009 a “Partnership and Cooperation Agreement” (PCA) was signed by both sides and negotiations on a free trade agreement have been held since then.

Indonesia’s economy is based on the market economy model - where both private and state businesses are equally involved. With a growth rate of 5% to 6%, Indonesia is one of the most rapidly expanding countries in the world - by 2017 Indonesia had already become the eighth largest economic power in the world.

Indonesia is the third largest producer of rice and the largest producer of palm oil in the world - with 13 million hectares of cultivated land, the area is three times the size of Switzerland. Alongside other food products such as corn, cane sugar, coffee, cocoa and sweet potato, Indonesia boasts the largest gold mines in the world. Indonesia is also the fifth-largest exporter of liquid natural gas.

Although Indonesia ranked only 113 in the 2016 Human Development Index, its medium-term outlook looks promising, thanks to an above-average young population.

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