Headhunting in the Republic of Singapore offers European businesses entirely new prospects for development, although the legal guidelines of this multi-ethnic and multi-religious city-state are quite strict.

In the Democracy Index of 2019, the democratically governed country ranks 76 out of 167 countries but, in spite of is status as a police state, it has been able to develop a prosperous society that enjoys low rates of unemployment and crime. This success was confirmed for the civil population by the Human Development Index, in which Singapore boasted ninth place in 2018, higher than the USA and the United Kingdom.

Singapore’s extraordinary strength on the “inside” is coupled with a particularly liberal economy on the “outside”. Hence Singapore counts among the most heavily deregulated national economies in the world. In the Index of Economic Freedom Singapore takes second place, even outpacing countries such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany, trailing far behind.

Singapore made the leap from emerging economy to industrial nation within only a few decades and, in spite of its small population of 5.7 million inhabitants, Singapore was already the eleventh largest exporting nation in the world in 2016. Moreover, Singapore is considered to be the most important financial centre in Asia, after Hong Kong.

Singapore’s greatest endeavour is to become Asia’s centre of biotechnology. Its research capacity is supported by private enterprises as well as government authorities - from state coffers alone an astonishing 30 billion dollars have been made available since 2016.

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