Headhunting in the constitutional monarchy of the “Kingdom of the Netherlands” is more straightforward compared to other EU countries, since international trade relations and democratization processes developed there already in the 17th century. The Dutch economy therefore sees itself as a traditional trade and distribution economy and it also holds a solid 17th place in the international “Index for Economic Freedom” – an economic indicator of the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, ahead of Japan, Germany and the USA. In addition, the Dutch speak the world's best non-native English - therefore, there are the best prerequisites for finding suitable candidates by headhunting.

The Dutch economic system has less government regulation than other EU countries. State intervention in the economy was largely stopped in the 1980s. This highly liberalized market has made the Netherlands particularly attractive to entrepreneurs, so that the unemployment rate and government budget have remained stable over the past few decades.

The main sources of income in the manufacturing sector are the food industry, the chemical and petroleum industry and the production of small electrical appliances. In services, particular attention is paid to the financial sector. However, fishing and seafaring historically represent the basis for the development of the Netherlands - they make the country the “distribution hub” of Europe. In addition, the high-tech agriculture of the Netherlands is the world's third largest exporter of agricultural products after the USA and France.

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