Headhunting in the Republic of Peru is not an easy undertaking due to the high level of corruption and the high percentage of indigenous people. The numerous indigenous population groups in Peru still live on an independent and completely self-sufficient basis. Furthermore, less than half of the population has access to the Internet, which makes it very difficult to penetrate the local labour market.

Along with Bolivia and Guatemala, Peru is one of the three countries in Latin America with a large proportion of indigenous people – around 47 % are therefore indigenous. About 37 % are so-called mestizos (ethnic mixtures), about 15 % are of European descent and 4 % are estimated to be Afro-Peruvians. The remaining 3 % are of Asian descent, mainly Chinese and Japanese.

The democratic government is representative, decentralised and based on the principle of separation of powers. In reality, however, Peru faces serious political, social and economic problems. In the 2019 Democracy Index of the British magazine, The Economist, Peru ranks 58th out of 167 countries and is considered an "incomplete democracy". In Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), the country ranks 101st out of 176 countries (as of 2016) and is thus in a similarly poor position to Brazil or Colombia. Nevertheless, an analysis by the World Bank certifies Peru's positive economic and social development. The economy has grown by an average of 6.4 % over the last ten years, the second-best result of all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the same period, per capita income has even doubled. The country has also succeeded in raising its savings ratio from 10 % of GDP in the 1990s to 22 % in 2014.

Foreign policy relations with the USA are a priority for Peru. At the same time, however, Peru is interested in deepening its relations with the Latin American countries, the EU, Russia and the countries of the Pacific region.

However, a large part of the Peruvian economy is not subject to state control. This is particularly pronounced in the construction sector. Between 10–15 % of the impressive budget funds are lost through corruption – public procurement is similarly affected by corruption.

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