Headhunting in a geopolitically important multi-ethnic country like Ukraine is one of the biggest challenges. In addition to Ukrainians and Russians, the population consists of over 100 different ethnic groups. Ukraine, as a sovereign state, has only existed since 1991, when a democratic referendum called for independence upon the collapse of the Soviet Union.

However, in the Democracy Index (2018) Ukraine only ranks 84th between Bolivia and Honduras and is referred to as a “hybrid regime” despite its parliamentary-democratic organization of government.

Ukrainian foreign policy was described as “multivectoral” until the crisis. On the one hand, the country was striving for closer relations with NATO and the EU, on the other hand, good relations with Russia were essential.

Since its independence, Ukraine has most importantly suffered from severe economic problems, so that its performance from Soviet times could no longer be achieved. The gross domestic product of Ukraine has undergone very strong fluctuations in the last 10 years, between more than 15 % downturn and 5.5 % growth (compared to the corresponding previous year). It is therefore not surprising that the high level of political and economic uncertainty means that many Ukrainians emigrate and the population has decreased by more than 6.25 million people. The so-called brain drain has become a dramatic normality in Ukraine, because young, well-educated and highly qualified people in particular have become tired of corruption and the poor economic prospects in the country.

Over the decades, the country, which had been traditionally characterized by agriculture, has developed into a country focused on services. Around 50% of the gross domestic product is now generated by service providers. Especially the IT, research and development sectors represent are a few growth markets in Ukraine, so that many international and well-known technology companies are outsource projects to Ukraine. In 2017, the British Global Sourcing Association even voted Ukraine the best “offshoring destination” worldwide.

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