Compared to other European countries, headhunting in the Kingdom of Belgium, a federal hereditary monarchy, is relatively demanding. The federally organized parliamentary system of government and its dense population make the country an opaque oddity within the European Union. With a “degree of urbanization” of almost 98%, there are hardly any rural regions in Belgium and the country’s government is federal and decentralized. The country's passion for bureaucratic rules is therefore considered the worst in Europe. Belgium occupies only the 32nd place in the international Democracy Index, behind countries like Chile, Botswana and Costa Rica, and democracy experts classify it as “incomplete democracy”. Nevertheless, Belgium has great potential as a country to expand to or as a country to recruit specialists and executives from.

The Belgian economy is similar to that of the United Kingdom. Belgium's key sector of services represents 80.1 % (GDP), followed by industry (18.6% GDP) and agriculture (1.3%). Belgium therefore imports almost twice as much goods as it exports. But: Despite its small total population, the country ranks 20th among the world's goods exporters. Due to its central location in Europe, Belgium is mainly linked to the European Union's trading network.

Tourism also plays an increasingly important role in Belgium, so that according to the “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report” Belgium already occupies the 21st place among 136 tourist countries.
For example, in 2016 the country was visited by 7.5 million foreign tourists, which brought the country 11.8 billion USD in revenue.

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