Headhunting in today's Czech Republic, governed by parliament, is relatively smooth compared to other former Eastern bloc countries. Compared to the former socialist multi-ethnic state of Czechoslovakia, the present population of the Czech Republic consists of over 90% Czechs and reduces the risk of “cultural missteps” in headhunting. In addition, the country ranks 34th in the international Democracy Index (2017) - compared to the other former Eastern Bloc countries, the Czech Republic even ranks second only behind Estonia. This ensures a lower risk of corruption and nepotism.

The purchasing power of the population is close to the EU average, with very large differences between towns and the rural areas. The Czech unemployment rate is particularly noteworthy - it is just 2.0% (2019) and is the lowest in the European Union.
The main source of income is foreign trade, with almost 85%, which reached a new record in 2016 with around EUR 276 billion. Almost a third of the foreign trade is with Germany. The Czech economy is primarily shaped by the automotive industry and the production of modern industrial complexes and industrial plants. Other areas worth mentioning are the machine, food and wood industries, as well as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutics and the industrial production of glass and ceramics.
Due to the very fertile basin landscapes, agriculture and forestry also make a large contribution to the gross domestic product - around 54% of the total area is used for agriculture. The Czech Republic is also the 29th most visited country in the world, with around 12 million tourists visiting the capital Prague.

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