Headhunting in the Republic of Italy requires patience, as anyone who has ever been to Italy knows that the Italians can be very temperamental. Apart from temperament, however, competitiveness is impeded above all by the country’s bureaucracy.

For these reasons, the country lagged behind Turkey, Thailand and also Colombia in the Index of Economic Freedom in 2017, taking 79th place out of 180.

As the “crossroads of civilisation”, Italy’s contribution to the cultural heritage of Europe is extraordinary, and the Christian Occident would be virtually unthinkable without Italian history. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Christian faith, more specifically the Catholic faith, is still very deeply rooted in the population.

Around 60.5 million people currently live in Italy - within the European Union the country takes third place behind Germany and France.

The economy of the industrial state is very diversified, as its markets were opened, deregulated and privatised during the 1990s. In spite of the financial crisis, Italy still counts among the world’s most robust national economies - in 2019 the country again occupied 8th place Turkey.

Although the Italian agricultural sector still plays only a very minor role in the national economy (2%), Italy is, ahead of France, the largest wine producer, the second largest producer of olive oil and the fourth largest producer of cheese in the world. The strength of the Italian economy lies, however, in the processing of textiles, which, with their famous luxury brands, have characterised the concept of “Made in Italy” the most. Products from the food industry - besides alcoholic drinks, mainly coffee and pasta products - also count among the most important export goods.

Furthermore, the most important sources of Italy’s revenue include machine, aircraft, ship and vehicle construction, but also the tourism industry is not to be overlooked.

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