Headhunting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the world's greatest challenges, as the mentality of the population and political leadership can be counted among the most sensitive in the world.

Saudi Arabia is one of the last countries in the world to be led by an "absolute monarch". This means that the head and guardian of the country is always the acting king. It is therefore not surprising that the "religious state" is only in 159th place out of 167 in the Democracy Index 2019 of the British magazine The Economist, making it one of the most authoritarian states in the world.

However, the country has been working on "reforms of slow democratic opening" since the 1980s, even though full democratisation along Western lines has never been considered. Under the de facto ruling Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, however, a cautious "modernisation" of society is being initiated, for example, women have now been given access to almost every profession, as well as the right to professional independence and academic training.

Guest workers and their families are not affected by the strict laws of Sharia, especially highly qualified guest workers from the West. These guest workers usually live in so-called "compounds", in hermetically sealed and strictly guarded settlements, which allow for an autonomous infrastructure with shops, swimming pools, sports facilities and such like and allow for a "Western" way of life.

Of course, Saudi Arabia has become one of the richest countries in the world due to its oil exports, so that in 2016, it was ranked 14th in the global comparison. Saudi Arabia is thus the largest economy in the Arab world. Thanks to this wealth, the country can also provide its population with generous social benefits, which automatically leads to an enormously high level of internal stability. However, the increasing pressure on the national budget due to the fall in oil prices is forcing the country to restructure its economy, which is to be achieved with the "Vision 2030" reform project – an ambitious plan that aims to significantly reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil, promote renewable energies, significantly increase the proportion of women in the working population and attract foreign investors.

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