Headhunting in the Kingdom of Spain is particularly interesting in the tourism and building industries, communications and information technology, the metal processing industry, machine construction, agriculture and in petrochemicals.

There is a particular focus, however, on the service sector and especially on the tourism industry, as Spain is, after France, the second most frequently visited country in the world (as of 2017). According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (2017) by the World Economic Forum, Spain even has the most competitive tourism sector in the world.

Nevertheless, Spain’s economy displays the typical features of an industrial nation: 68% services, 20% processing industry, 9% construction industry and 3% agriculture.

Although the Spanish agricultural sector accounts for only a very small part of the national economy, Spain is still, ahead of Italy, the largest cultivation area for citrus fruit in the European Union. Grains and pulses also flourish in Spain, for example, drought-resistant horticultural crops such as vines, fig trees and olive trees without artificial watering. Moreover, Spain is the only country in Europe where genetically modified plants are cultivated.

Since 2014 the Spanish national economy has also survived the protracted recession that arose out of the 2007 financial crisis. In comparison, a growth of 2.1% in 2018, for example, was clearly above the EU average (1.3%).

In political and societal terms, the country is patchy. The parliamentary hereditary monarchy was accorded a respectable 17th position in the Democracy Index (as of 2019), but according to Transparency International, the country lags behind other countries such as Poland, Qatar and Chile in the Corruption Perception Index (as of 2017), taking 41st position. Nevertheless, the country remains an attractive destination for immigrants - between 1999 and 2009 alone the population of Spain rose by around 7 million inhabitants through immigration.

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