Headhunting in the Republic of Turkey can take on unpredictable features, as the country "between the Orient and Occident" has developed a strong domestic political momentum of its own. On the one hand, Turkey is a reliable foreign policy partner, which is a member of the OECD, NATO, the United Nations, the G20 and the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, among others. On the other hand, the country's parliamentary democracy is increasingly transforming itself into a presidential system, with the result that the separation of powers is very limited. For this reason, Turkey's political system is called a "hybrid regime". In the 2019 Democracy Index of the British magazine The Economist, the country is therefore only ranked 110th out of 167 countries, despite the fact that the Turkish constitution grants citizens a wide range of fundamental rights and individual liberties.

The population of Turkey is mainly ethnic Turkish (up to 81%). The largest ethnic minority is the Kurds in the eastern part of the country with up to 14%. Turkey is both a country of immigration and emigration. During the upswing after the second World War, on the one hand, many labour migrants emigrated to Central Europe. On the other hand, many immigrants came to the country from the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia and Crimea.

Fiscal easing in the USA and the ECB's low-interest rate policy allowed billions of US dollars and euros to flow into Turkey, generating strong economic growth. As a result, the Turkish economy grew by around 9% in 2011. However, the general economic situation in Turkey is very contradictory. There is a huge gap between the industrialised West and the agriculturally structured East. In the greater Istanbul area, for example, almost half of the population reaches the average income of the EU states, while in the east less than 10 % reach EU levels.

The most important economic sectors are the textile industry, tourism and the automotive industry but since the Turkish economy has been in recession since 2018, it is obvious that especially young and well-educated people are willing to emigrate for a better future.

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