Leadership at the international level

— Press release —

Due to the expanding globalization and digitalization the requirements which leaders should meet have changed. Nowadays, not only economic and social, but also cultural features determine which personality can be the best fit for a certain role. What kind of leadership style must a manager have in order to be able to lead the company sustainably through the crisis towards success?

Different cultural areas create different work environments. In Western countries, the trend is toward opinions’ diversity, thus participation is becoming increasingly important in all areas. Of course, this phenomenon has also influenced the human resources sector. Participative management style, where all employees have the opportunity to co-create the future of the company, to take part in goal setting and decision-making processes, to express their own ideas and opinions freely regarding among others the work process, without being put under pressure. It is of vital importance that not only the C-suite, but all employees bear the responsibility. However, the open question is whether this concept can be applied everywhere.

The second essential factor which should be considered while searching for executives is the current economic situation in the country. What kind of talents could head your company in the Asia market? Which technics are a must-have for such roles? 

In order to keep pace with the rapidly developing Asian market, Western companies have to work out specific strategies, especially according to which criteria the managers who are on site have to be selected. Are the expatriates not the right choice anymore? The rapid development in China has clearly shown that a new generation of top managers is needed to ensure the participation on developing Asia market.

Therefore, the locals as well as expatriates who have solid experience in the relevant countries of the region and have decided to work in the target country for a long-term basis are particularly in demand. If you want to stay well positioned in trading with Asia-Pacific countries, you need to consider the intercultural competence of the candidates. This allows you to understand the cultural differences, avoid internal conflicts, ensure customer satisfaction and promote the growth of the company. But the crucial point is still communication skills of a leader. It is important to act as a bridge between a headquarter and its subsidiary, to communicate on equal terms, to operate in accordance with the parent company standards. The company culture should be maintained, but at the same time cultural features should be considered.  

Our concept enables us to reach inaccessible marts and to wrap up challenging searches successfully.

As international headhunter / recruitment consultant, Remel Executive Search appreciates cultural diversity. It is our pleasure to advise and support you by finding the right people for your vacant managerial positions.