Company’s performance depends, first of all, on the CEO. To stay on the top of a company the executives have to meet many requirements. What kind of profile should an ideal candidate have for the role of Chief Executive Officer these days? What skills do you need in order to lead a company successfully and to be able to win in the digital economy? Today's globalized world, with its constant change, uncertainty and advancing technological progress, requires a new leadership mindset. It is time for a new generation of CEOs to take on challenges. In order to work in C-suits not only special qualifications and strong industry knowledge, but also certain soft skills, which are becoming more and more important nowadays, are of vital importance.

A managing director must have foresight, assertiveness, intercultural competence, knowledge of human nature, empathy and a sure instinct, and must fit into the company as a personality.

Demographic change in Germany has negatively influenced the labor market. German companies have been facing a shortage of managers and executives in their search of new employees.

Where do future-oriented executive talents come from? Should foreign top leaders be considered? Recruiting of the right Top Managers is no coincidence for us. As a headhunter, we operate on both national and international levels. We know markets and industries. We are in contact with CEOs personally. Remel Executive Search supports family-owned companies as well as corporate groups in their search of a CEO in Germany as well as abroad. The experience of our recruitment consultants and extensive network of local partners help us overcome cultural and religious differences. Confidentiality, transparency, intercultural competence, expertise in various industries, long-term contacts, are our top priorities. Our special search strategies enable us to fill the vacancy within the short timeframe. We use existing contacts, social networks, internal talent pool. Direct search by telephone is also part of the active search process. The quality of our work and perfect match for your position respectively is of great importance for Remel Executive Search, that is why we draw up a job profile for each search together with a client. After an interview with a potential candidate from the head office in Düsseldorf and preselection of candidates with the help of the work-related behavioral test - IP test, we present the best professionals to our client. We consult our clients, support during the job interviews and help them make the right decision.

Remel executive Search is your headhunter, who helps you create the future of your company.

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