Headhunting in the Baltic States - the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania - is certainly an interesting alternative to the obvious countries for expansion or talent search. The Baltic States have been members of the EU since 2004, and since 2011 have displayed above-average good growth figures.

Historically, the Baltic States have been united by the “political wrangling” between Russian and German influences. Up until the end of the First World War, the former Russian provinces were dominated above all by a sort of “German upper class” until a short-lived independence could evolve from the Russian Tsarist empire. After the Second World War, however, this independence led to a renewed dependency on the Russian successor state, the USSR. In 1991 the Baltic States achieved their independence once more and since then all three countries of the Baltics have been in a transition to a market economy.

The population is divided along relatively similar lines in all three countries: Around two thirds of the population of each state is indigenous, the Russians represent (except in Lithuania) the largest minority, with around a quarter of the population. The proportion of Germans in the population have been reduced to a minimum, chiefly as a result of the events of the First and Second World Wars.

The political systems are relatively stable in all three states, and in the Democracy Index of The Economist, all three countries appear in the top quarter of the rankings, consisting of 167 states in total, ahead of countries such as Greece, Croatia and Poland.

Measured in terms of gross domestic product, the economy of the Baltic States has grown by around 3% to 5%. Their strong points lie in the service sector, predominantly in telecommunications and IT. But competitiveness is also growing in the industrial sector, and machine and vehicle construction, the food industry as well as timber processing and the paper industry are experiencing an upturn.

At the end of 2016, the Latvian Parliament, for example, adopted a startup law, unique in Europe, that favours the establishment of enterprises with clear tax reliefs. Whereas Lithuania has the best developed fibre glass network in Europe, and in the Index of Economic Freedom Estonia takes 6th place out of 180 countries, even outperforming countries such as the United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany.

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Remel Executive Search is able to undertake searches for you as headhunter in the following states and regions, among others:

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tartu, Estonia
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Kaunas, Lithuania

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