Headhunting in the Hungarian Republic is a special challenge. Due to its strongly Christian and conservative population, Hungary was able to quickly free itself from Soviet socialist influence after the end of the Cold War, but on the other hand, this traditionalist culture often led to mistrust and protectionism. Especially the new constitution, coming into force in 2012, puts Hungary only on the 56th place in the international “Democracy Index” and Hungary is therefore referred to as “faulty democracy”. However, in the “Freedom” country report, Hungary's political system is rated as “free”. Nonetheless, Hungary has great potential as a country to expand to or as a country for headhunting of specialists and executives.

Despite its political and social challenges, Hungary is an interesting country in terms of economy, as it has an internationally open market with an export quota of 65 %. This is especially appreciated by Germany: Around 30% of all exports and imports come from or go to Germany. And with a share of around 28%, Germany is also the largest foreign investor in Hungary. Approximately 3,000 German companies employ over 250,000 people. The Hungarian economy is dominated by the service sector and industry, but tourism is also important.

The Hungarian economy grew by 4.8% in 2018 - the economy is booming. Unemployment has also fallen to a historic low. However, many young and well-educated people migrate to other EU countries - especially to Germany. For this reason, a real “job placement boom” has developed in Hungary, in particular to place people from craft trades or nursing professions in other European countries.

Remel Executive Search is your headhunter / HR consultancy, which knows how to deal with the conservative influences in Hungary with the necessary sensitivity and will provide you with optimal support, especially in HR consulting and filling specialist and executive positions.

In this country, Remel Executive Search can handle the search for you as a headhunter also in the following cities:

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  • Segedin
  • Győr

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