Headhunting in Scandinavia is promising, as the countries of Northern Europe are considered to be particularly stable politically and economically. Depending on the way it is defined, Scandinavia comprises different countries, including in a narrower sense Norway and Sweden on the Scandinavian Peninsula and usually also Denmark. These three countries also form a historical and cultural unit. In a broader sense, however, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are also counted as part of Scandinavia.

However, already in a narrower sense we are not only looking at "the land of the Vikings" but at a serious region with high potential. Measured in terms of gross domestic product, the Scandinavian countries are only average compared to other industrialised nations but the Nordic region is nevertheless enjoying a constant economic upswing. Scandinavian companies are considered "safe havens" on the stock markets in particular.

In addition to the cultural similarities, the high standard of education and training as well as human development in general, are of course a major advantage of the Scandinavian countries. Norway, for example, had the world's highest standard of living between 2001 and 2006 according to the Human Development Index and although Sweden has a population of just 10 million, according to a study by the bank Credit Suisse, its total assets put it in 21st place, ahead of countries such as Austria and Saudi Arabia. In an international comparison, however, Denmark stands out with a very high employment rate – it is even the best rate in the EU. The Global Competitiveness Report's rankings attest to all three countries' high to very high competitiveness – Sweden and Denmark are regularly among the world's top 10.

The Scandinavian countries are particularly suitable for company start-ups and expansions, certified by the World Bank. In the so-called “Doing Business Index”, an annual ranking of the World Bank, Denmark ranks 3rd, Norway 6th and Sweden 9th out of 190 countries. For comparison, Germany ranks 17th on this index.

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