A Chief financial officer (CFO) role is developing and expanding. It is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in the history. The requirements for a CFO today are more challenging than ever before. Previously the CFO was more of a support function. Now there is a shift in focus from a caretaker to business influencer and strategic partner to CEO. A CFO of a new generation should be ready not only to share responsibility with a CEO in key fields including risk management and legal questions, but also to take a completely different role. Currently CFOs are expected to accelerate growth and digital models, while restoring the organization’s financial health. Fundamental finance skills are still important for the candidates. At the same time a CFO needs to be a result-oriented leader and a great communicator translating the financial data to clear trends and actions. A successful Financial Director should keep pace with the latest trends in finance and technology. Being digitally empowered he must drive a relevant transformation and actively contribute to the change of an organization. The rapidly evolving business environment requires the CFO to be adaptable and resilient as well.

Operating at both national and international levels, Remel Executive Search supports family-owned companies as well as corporate groups in their search of a professional and forward-looking CFO. We appreciate confidentiality, transparency, intercultural competence and expertise across the industries. Our executive search techniques such as use of existing contacts, social networks, internal talent pool as well as direct communication with potential candidates by phone help us seek out the right people for your business. RES, your reliable recruitment consultant/headhunter, pre-selects the candidate by means of direct contact from the head office in Düsseldorf. With the help of the work-related behavioral test - IP test we can assess whether a candidate perfectly fits your vacancy as a personality.

We fully support clients in filling key positions with experienced executives.

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