Poor manufacturing management not only affects a company's profitability, but can also put the company's survival at risk. Every manufacturing company strives to maximize its profit. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to invest in a production process as well as in a solid production management, so that the process improvements in production can be made. Placement of Production Managers is a challenge for recruitment consultants/headhunters. Although this position does not belong directly to the executive ones, a Plant Director is fully responsible for the whole production process. The cooperation between a Plant Manager and an executive board enables a company to develop and maintain its market position. A Plant Manager has the following functions: optimizing production processes, developing strategies and innovations in production, controlling the enforcement of safety rules in a plant, drawing up a production plan and procurement of manufacturing facilities and resources.

In order to cope with such a challenging role, it is vital to have very good technical and IT knowledge as well as problem solving skills. As a headhunter with an extensive experience, we also take certain soft skills into account, which are as relevant nowadays as technical ones. Assertiveness, teamwork, communication, interpersonal and of course leadership skills are required for a personality, who wants to occupy a position of Production Management successfully. The ability to make the right decisions quickly plays an important role for such a role.

Remel Executive Search can help you improve the quality of your products, use production management software as well as the latest techniques and methods to control production and keep costs low by placing an experienced Plant Manager at your factory. Our extensive network and our know-how enable us to support you in your search both in Germany and worldwide.

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