Headhunting in the so-called “Balkan States” can be extremely laborious, as many parts of the region around former Yugoslavia are politically unstable and non-transparent.

As part of the European Union, it is above all Croatia and Slovenia that set an example for the Balkans. People often forget, however, that EU countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary are also considered to be the Balkans, and also have relatively competitive national economies. Even crisis-ridden Greece ranks 59th out of 141 places in the Global Competitiveness Index, which measures how far a country is competitive, ahead of countries such as Croatia and Brazil.

EU candidate countries and EU partner countries, such as Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Moldavia, have attained neither political nor social stability to any great extent: Bosnia-Herzegovina bears the title of the “most complicated system of government in the world”, Albania is referred to as “the Colombia of Europe” despite numerous reforms, and Serbia - as the largest federal state of former Yugoslavia - is still advancing at a relatively slow pace in terms of its national economy.

The Balkans are home to at least twelve “state-bearing” peoples: Albanian, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Croatians, Magyars, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Romanians, Serbs, Slovenians and Turks, and, in addition, there exist numerous other ethnic groups who have no state of their own within the region. Moreover, the Balkans are divided into a Christian-Catholic part, an Orthodox part and an Islamic part.

The binding element of the Balkans is their historical isolation from the rest of Europe through 400 years of Ottoman rule. Otherwise, the region is characterised by a high degree of multi-cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversification.

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